Sevokh - image of shaman deity - patron of forest. Oroche


Sevokh - image of shaman deity - patron of forest

Ethnic groups:



Primorsky Oblast, Ussuri Krai


late 19th - early 20th centuries


Wood; fur: natural: hide (Siberian musk deer); glass: colored glass; metal: iron; metal: copper; leather: natural leather: suede: skin suede; fur: natural: hide (brown bear)


height 32.0; length 21.0


РЭМ 1870-111


Wooden anthropomorphic figurine without arms, standing on legs bent at the knees, on which two tiger heads are carved. Wooden figurines of a tiger and a bird were attached to the shoulders instead of arms. The nose and brow ridges are carved on the face; eyes are marked by blue beads. On the front of the body there are two vertical recesses, in which wooden plates and two metal anthropomorphic waist figures are inserted. In the recess on the sides there are sketchy wooden anthropomorphic figurines without arms; on the back there are two vertical recesses (in one - a copper image of a lizard). The recesses in front are closed with a leather plate; on the back - a piece of musk deer fur. The cap on the head of the figurine is made of the skin of a brown bear. A model of a bow with an arrow is attached to the strap around the neck, and wooden models of a knife and a club are attached to the straps on the back. Such figurines were made by the shaman's instructions. Before fishing, the figurine was "fed" and asked for good luck in hunting, and after a successful hunt it was praised. Abstract by V.V. Gorbacheva